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Easy Steps To Protect Yourself From Basement Flooding

Sealing cracks in foundation walls and basement floors is a simple way to help reduce basement flooding. In many cases, cracks can be effectively sealed from inside and will not require digging anywhere besides the foundation to repair them.Disconnect your downspouts, add extensions and a splash pad. Downspouts are designed to convey water from eavestroughs and down the side of the house. Downspouts often direct water to the surface of the lot, but they may also be connected to the weeping tile or the sanitary sewer lateral. Downspout extensions should be directed at least 1.8 meters (6 ft) away from the home, and the flows should be directed over permeable surfaces such as lawns or gardens, and not paved surfaces including driveways or walkways. When connected to the municipal sanitary sewer system, eavestrough downspouts can contribute a substantial amount of water to these systems. Because of the environmental impacts resulting from combined sewer overflows and ...


3 Steps To Protect Yourself From Basement Flooding

1. Talk to your local governmentVisit your municipal government’s website or contact the public works, utilities or building department to find out about their programs on reducing basement flooding. - What advice do they offer?- Are there engineering studies on your subdivision?- How do you report basement flooding to them?- What does your local government suggest you do?- Do they offer any financial assistance programs for plumbing installations?- Do they recommend contractors or plumbers?- What permits do you need in order to begin?2. Talk to your insurance brokerFind out about the types of water damages that are covered under your policy. Trying to make a claim after you have suffered water damage is not ...

Beating Basement Flooding

Start reducing your risk of basement flooding!The first step in dealing with basement flooding comes from minimizing the risk through a few precauti...


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